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Is RRR Release Possible Only For Sankranthi 2022?

Is RRR Release Possible Only For Sankranthi 2022?

This is the doubt that has been prevalent from quite a long time. Rajamouli's RRR may be pushed to Sankranthi 2022 from the proposed October 2021.

Though the unit members have been saying that the film is going to be released by October 2021 at any cost, the present situation seems not to be favorable. 

Already some crew members of RRR got affected by Corona and diagnosed negative later.

Ram Charan has taken a long gap for the shoot of 'Acharya'. NTR has kept the April dates for Trivikram without giving to RRR. But the dates got wasted either ways. 

Nobody other than Rajamouli knows the status of the shoot and the pending part. At this juncture, the film may be pushed to January 2022 not only because of Corona pandemic but also due to the reduced ticket prices.

The discussions should happen with the government to revise the prices. As such meetings need lot of time; the film may be pushed to Sankranthi 2022 say sources. 

With the same doubt, Mahesh Babu's "Sarkaru Vari Pata" is planning to hit the screens much before its actual proposed time.

Initially it was planned to release for Sankranthi 2022, but now with the idea of not to get clashed with RRR, it is planning to release in December itself.

But all these assumptions and plans are subject to the pandemic situation. Only the virus can decide the fate of these film releases.

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