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Is Manmadhudu 2 a Family-Friendly Film?

Is Manmadhudu 2 a Family-Friendly Film?

The teaser of “Manmadhudu 2” suggested that it has good doses of kiss sequences and some “A Certificate” stuff but Rakul says this is a family-friendly film. “Kids, friends, and grandparents, all can watch this movie,” she said.

This precisely is the reason why we have chosen August 9 as the release date, explains director Rahul Ravindran.

“In the very first week, we are getting four to five holidays. Since this is a family-oriented entertainer, we felt this holiday period is the right time to release,” he said. 

However, there has been criticism that the movie’s trailers have objectified women and also Rakul’s dialogues in the teaser have created some controversy. 

Responding to these comments, Rahul said that he is not objectifying women with the dialogues like ‘I don’t fall in love but I make love with women’.

He explained that Nagarjuna is playing a role who doesn’t want emotional baggage. Hence such the dialogue. 

“Manmadhudu 2” stars Nagarjuna as the 40-plus rich man who has relationship-phobia. He doesn’t want to get married. The film set in Europe is hitting the screens this 9th August.

Directed by Rahul Ravindran, the film is produced by Annapurna Studios.


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