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Is Mahesh Babu Competing with Vijay D and Charmee?

Is Mahesh Babu Competing with Vijay D and Charmee?

Stars venturing into the business of branded wear has begun with Vijay Deverkonda. His ‘Rowdy Wear’ brand is quite popular with the youth. Recently, Charmee also launched a similar concept 'iSmart Collections’. 

Now, Mahesh Babu has also ventured into this. Ever since he tweeted about his 'new beginnings’, trolls are commenting that he is following Vijay Deverakonda and Charmee.

Mahesh Babu will be launching his clothing brand. He has already tied up with a leading e-commerce company. 

However, the Mahesh Babu camp says Bollywood top star Salman Khan also owns such branded wear.

Salman Khan is selling clothes on the brand name – Being Human. Interestingly, there are efforts to invite Salman Khan as the chief guest for this Mahesh Babu’s branded wear launch.



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