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Interesting time awaits cinema post pandemic

Interesting time awaits cinema post pandemic

Lakshmi Manchu feels if the novel coronavirus is here to stay, so is the thriving culture of cinema. The Telugu actress says the ongoing pandemic will bring a lot of logistical changes, and it will be interesting to witness the evolution of showbiz post pandemic.

"It is definitely going to be an interesting time for cinema going forward," Lakshmi told IANS when asked about the future of cinema post Covid-19.

"Lots of logistical changes will need to be made but we all know cinema cannot leave people's lives. The virus is here to stay. We need to adapt and change our lifestyle and how we perceive things going further. No more crafts services for a while," she added.

Coronavirus pandemic has led to massive slowdown of the economies, bringing the entertainment industry worldwide to a standstill. There's no clarity about when normalcy will set in, or if the world will have to embrace the new reality of social distancing and virtual hangout sessions.

But Lakshmi isn't anxious about the uncertainty.

"Actually for the first time I'm not anxious. Now you know nothing is in your control. It has truly taught me to be in the moment in many ways. We all have to learn a new way of life and how fabulous is that. How many of us will get this opportunity. What we are going through is pretty wild," she said.

The daughter of veteran actor Mohan Babu is spending her lockdown with her family.

"This is the first time since college to have spent so much time with them," she said, who mentions that staying with parents "feels like a resort".

"Family is someone you don't choose to like but have to love. Over the years of bickering.. you know what I mean..But I realise I have a beautiful loving caring family. A family that lives by morals and ethics. It is so nice to see how we perceive life and how close we really are," added the actress.

Amid the lockdown, the actress has come out with "Locked Up With Lakshmi Manchu". In the show, she interacts with people from different walks of life, including film and political personalities, live on her Instagram.

Talking about the series, she said: "I was generally having a conversation with a friend of mine who suggested I should do lives with people I know around the world. One thing led to another and this whole series came together. I couldn't be happier that I could entertain my fans and myself through this quarantine. I am so glad that I could reach out to so many people around the world and connect with what's going on right now."

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