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Interesting: Lord Hanuman Seat In Adipurush Theaters

Interesting: Lord Hanuman Seat In Adipurush Theaters

Prabhas's mythological epic Ramayan is set for its release on the 16th of June. Here’s an interesting update pertaining to the seating arrangement of the Prabhas starrer. 

As per the latest poster from the makers of the mythological epic, a seat in every theater screening Adipurush will be left vacant. 

This is of the belief that Lord Hanuman will be wherever Ramayan is recited. 

With Adipurush, the greatest celebration of Ramayan known to mankind, there is a belief that Hanuman will definitely be there watching the epic unfold. 

So the makers have decided to leave a seat vacant in each theater screening Adipurush. This is the first of its kind implementation for any Indian film.


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