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Interesting Buzz About Prabhas – Prashant's Movie!

Interesting Buzz About Prabhas – Prashant's Movie!

KGF 2 director Prashant Neel’s next film will have Pan India Superstar Prabhas as the lead, according to the buzz.

There’s no clue about how Prabhas allocates dates to this film as his next movie is already finalized.

Meanwhile, the gossip winery abuzz with the rumors that Prabhas – Prashant film is an updated version of the director’s Kannada blockbuster Ugram.

Interestingly, Prabhas had considered remaking Ugram in Telugu earlier, but it didn’t materialize.

Ugram was in the news when Prashant Neel was in discussions with Mahesh too.

Although Ugram is an out and out commercial entertainer that is tailor made for our superstars, it is just like every other mass movie that our directors used to make in the early 2000s.

We cannot expect Prashant to do such an outdated mass movie after making KGF movies. Also, it wouldn’t match the current image of Prabhas.


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