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India Scores 1 Lakh Per Day: Director Teja

India Scores 1 Lakh Per Day: Director Teja

The most surprising thing that is being discussed among the intelligent Indians is that when the coronavirus cases were less in number we were under lockdown and we used to sit at our homes and when the cases are on the rise and spreading like wildfire, we are roaming around in the open doing all the things at our whims and fancies. 

Director Teja who is known for his no-nonsense talk has expressed similar opinions.

He said, "If we look at the attitude of our Indians, the number of coronavirus cases will not stop here, they might increase drastically. Now, the number of cases is around 11 or 12 thousand daily, they will go up to one lakh. The number may go up to 30 lakhs and 1 crore as well. 

As per my knowledge about India and the attitude of Indians, India will become the number one country. Don't think that number 1 is a top place, it's the worst position we can have. My feeling is that India will have the highest number of corona cases in the world.

The sole reason for the highest number of cases is our attitude. Our attitude is like this - we think 'I don't have coronavirus. The person I'm meeting doesn't have coronavirus'. We to go a supermarket, we pick all the items and drop in our basket thinking that they will not carry coronavirus. 

Vegetables will not have corona, the vegetable vendor will not have corona. We'll bring all those things and keep it on our dining table or sofa or in the kitchen. We strongly believe that I don't have corona, the vendor doesn't have corona, the items don't have corona.

This is completely wrong. Corona is there. Corona is everywhere. When we really want to stop the corona spread, we should feel that everybody has corona, every item has corona. Believe that every item has corona.

When you are giving your card, believe that the person who swipes the card has corona. Believe that vegetable vendor has corona. Believe that everybody has corona and they will infect you with coronavirus. 

If I go home, my family gets infected with corona. Sanitize the items, your hands at every stage to save everybody. If we don't change our attitude, the cases will not reach a crore but they will reach 2 or 3 crores".

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