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I Would've Left Telangana, Confined To AP: Chiru

I Would've Left Telangana, Confined To AP: Chiru

Megastar Chiranjeevi is continuing to promote his film GodFather even after the movie entered its second-week run.

He revealed that Sukumar is behind him doing Lucifer’s remake. “Sukumar in his discussion with Charan advised that I would be the right choice for Lucifer’s remake. However, due to his busy schedule, Sukumar couldn’t do it.”

Chiranjeevi says that his experiment of not including songs and heroines will inspire young filmmakers to come up with different stories. “If the audience accepts me in experimental movies, I can attempt new subjects.”

He affirms rather than making it a political drama, he wanted the brother-sister sentiment to be the core point of GodFather. “We wanted the soul to be intact and make the narrative much more interesting. Mohan Raja along with his team made good changes.”

Chiru says there’s a huge risk involved in doing remakes. “There will always be comparisons when we do remakes. So, not many dare to do remakes. So, I make sure to do them, as per the taste of our audience.”

Megastar avows we (stars) need to change our mindset and take up different stories. “Our budgets are very high, next to Bollywood. We have a big number of theatres, and the market for Telugu cinema is huge. So, the safe bet has become basic for us.”

He opines young directors have more exposure. “The availability of information is more. Earlier, there were limited resources and limited information. I’m ready to work with young directors as well.”

Chiranjeevi clarified his previous statement about directors writing dialogues on set. “I never experienced this, but I heard it from others. Directors need to conduct script reading sessions so that they can betterment the script then and there itself. The work will be easy when they go to sets. Time won’t get wasted and it will be good for everybody.”

Salman Khan did a special role in GodFather and Chiru says he has no qualms in working with actors from other industries. “If actors of different industries work together, then the barriers will be erased.”

Chiranjeevi also reacted to negative comments on him when he was in politics. “Some made bad comments about my blood bank and called me a land grabber. Perhaps, they realized the truth through courts or maybe it’s self-realization. If I make a mistake, I’ll go to them and have no qualms to apologize to them.”

After merging PRP into Congress, Chiranjeevi shifted his complete focus to films. “If I continued the political party, I would have left Telangana and been confined to AP. Now, I’m happy that I belong to both the Telugu states.”


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