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'I Dubbed My Telugu Lines For The First Time In Evaru'

'I Dubbed My Telugu Lines For The First Time In Evaru'

Playing the wanton woman in Evaru did not come easy to the pretty Regina Cassandra. Aftter all, she has been in the business of being good in Telugu and Tamil cinema for 14 years now.

And here she was being asked to do a role that was as dark as it can get for an Indian actress.

Says Regina, “It was Adivi Sesh who told me about the role. He suggested I listen to the role. When the director Venkat Ramji came to me I didn’t hesitate for even a second in saying yes to playing Sameera in Evaru. It was a challenge that I was most happy to take up.”

For those who came in late, Regina plays a very dark character in Evaru. And she says she loved it. 

“My character Sameera had a back story. Whatever she does she is fully convinced that it is her only solution to the problem in hand. Playing such a conflicted character was a challenge that I enjoyed thoroughly. There is no fun in playing conventional roles. Whether  it’s in Tamil or Telugu I look for something different to do.”

Adding to Regina’s challenge in Evaru is the fact that she dubbed her own lines for the first time in her career in Telugu cinema.

“And it was no easy task. Believe me, dubbing is an artform. I sat with my director to get the emotions right. Sometimes I had to dub the same line 12-13 times. It was exhausting. But at the same time very satisfying to hear my own self expressing the right emotions for each scene, and not have a dubbing artiste do it for me. Not that I don’t appreciate what professional dubbing artistes do. But expressing my own emotions takes  the performance to another level.”

Now, Regina hopes to dub her own lines in all her Telugu projects.

“Tamil is my mother tongue. So speaking my own lines in my Tamil films was never an issue. It took me time to get fluent with my Telugu lines. I am happy to say my efforts have been appreciated.”

Regina has not signed anything new after Evaru. 

“The offers are there. But it has to be something that I feel would stretch my abilities as an actor.”

In the meanwhile Regina has three Tamil films ready for release. 

“I don’t know when they will release. I hope it happens soon.”

Regina made her Bollywood debut earlier this year in Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga where she played a lesbian character without qualms. 

“The character’s sexuality was never an issue. I have many friends in the gay community. I wanted to be part of the film as soon as I heard the script. I remember the director Shelly Chopra Dhar ringing me up in Chennai. She very clearly told me it was not the lead role but very important. She flew down to Chennai to narrate  the script. I am so glad I did Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. I got so much love and appreciation from the lgbtq community.”

As an actor Regina feels it’s important to use the platform of cinema for more than just entertainment. 

“I want to do roles that make bring me a sense of fulfiment as an actor.”



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