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How Ranarangam Came To Sharwa?

How Ranarangam Came To Sharwa?

A script going to another hero is common in the industry.  It repeated between Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja and hero Sharwanand.

Initially when director Sudheer Varma approached Sharwa, the former narrated a different script. Even though Sharwa liked the script, he asked whether Sudheer has another plot with him.

Sudheer narrated ‘Ranarangam’ story and Sharwa liked it. But Sudheer informed Sharwa that he already narrated ‘Ranarangam’ plot to Ravi Teja and also got his consent.

Then Sharwa asked Sudheer Varma to taje the permission of Ravi Teja. Upon Sharwa’s request, Sudheer dialed Ravi Teja and sought his permission. To this Ravi Teja expressed no objections and that’s how Sharwa and Sudheer Varma’s ‘Ranarangam’ shaped up.

Sharwa will be seen in two different roles in the movie. Recently the censor works were wrapped up and the film’s run time is 2 hours and 10 minutes which makes it a crispy movie.

‘Ranarangam’ is releasing on August 15th.



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