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Heroes Are Heroes- Buyers Are Zeroes

Heroes Are Heroes- Buyers Are Zeroes

Tollywood is seemingly heading towards a dangerous trend, particularly with certain heroes who demand exorbitant remuneration and a share in the profits. Directors also have to be compensated in a similar range. 

These high remunerations result in heavy expenses for the film production. Additionally, the movie's theatrical rights have to be marketed for over a hundred crores. 

Presently, big Telugu movies are valued in the theater market at around 70 to 150 crores. The success or failure of a film affects many calculations, but the competition among producers remains relentless.

Even for just a 40-day call sheet, heroes are being paid between 60 to 70 crores, and they still negotiate for a portion of the profits. 

The remuneration for any hero with a small market in Tollywood is not less than Rs.25 Cr. What can be the production cost if the hero himself is given this much?

A big hero's film shoot is going on with his body double as much as possible, without causing any disruptions. This movie will be subsequently marketed for around 200 crores. 

Another big hero who receives a total of about 80 crores, claims that he will complete the project within 30 days, but still reducing the timeline by one or two days. He tells the makers to finish the fight, skip an additional song, and move on.

After delivering a disaster, all it takes is one blockbuster to secure deals for three films worth 30 crores of rupees. Even if they deliver multiple flops and just one hit, they can still lock in 10 to 12 crores.

Heroes are receiving remunerations of up to a hundred crores, even for making films in a lazy manner. Producers are giving in to their demands, and buyers are losing in this competition. 

Senior producers in Tollywood express their concern, as they cannot comprehend where this trend will end.

Buyers tend to forget past experiences if one or two movies of heroes succeed, and ending up into the trap of investing heavy on them.


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