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He Is The BB 4 Winner Unless A Miracle Happens!

He Is The BB 4 Winner Unless A Miracle Happens!

Bigg Boss season 4 is approaching its finale week. It is only a few weeks away from announcing the title winner.

Although there is a bit of suspense over the final five, it is pretty evident that Abhijeet is going to be the season winner.

He was accused of hiring a PR team at the beginning of the season. There used to be silly elevations for whatever he does in the initial weeks.   

Hiring a PR team to boost the voting percentage is a regular practice for Bigg Boss contestants. However, it is important to make a strong impression on the viewers to become a winner.

Other housemates made it easier for Abhijeet, a level headed person who puts out his opinions in crystal clear fashion.

Contestants like Sohel and Akhil are physically stronger than Abhijeet, but they cannot win an argument with him. He can make anyone look like a clown with his arguments.

Abhijeet also doesn’t do drama for the cameras and hasn't cried even once in the entire season. He silently watches everything and gives perfect replies when someone points fingers at him.

He is the highest nominated contestant of the season that also helped him to consolidate the vote bank. His voting percentage is sure to rise further with his close friend Lasya getting evicted this week.

Abhijeet is going to win the Season 4 title unless there is a miraculous rise in the graph of the remaining contestants, which seems highly unlikely.

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