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Has the 60-Plus Actor Turned Single?

Has the 60-Plus Actor Turned Single?

Pawan Kalyan’s multiple marriages have received wide publicity. But there is another actor who also got married thrice. He is none other than VK Naresh.

Naresh plays character roles on screen. But the 62-year-old actor leads a flamboyant lifestyle.

He owns many luxury cars, enjoys life to the fullest in his farmhouse in Hyderabad.

His multiple marriages came into the spotlight after a case was filed against a businesswoman Ramya Raghupathi for cheating and threatening people.

She is the estranged wife of Naresh. After her name came into the media, Naresh has clarified that Ramya Raghupathi and he were living separately for the last seven years. She is his third wife.

Is he now single? Though he said that he got separated from Ramya Raghupathi seven years ago, he has not specified his current marital status.

There are rumors about his close friendship with a character actress.

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