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Hanu-Man Trailer Attains An Enormous Feat

Hanu-Man Trailer Attains An Enormous Feat

As said by director Prasanth Varma during the trailer launch event, Hanuman is the biggest crowd-puller for their film Hanu-Man starring Teja Sajja.

The theatrical trailer was launched yesterday to an enormous response in all languages, including Hindi and it is trending top now.

The trailer which created ripples attained a huge feat of amassing 18 M+ views within 24 hours. With 850K+ likes, the trailer is trending No1 on YouTube. For a film of its range, it’s a big achievement.

Prasanth Varma transported us to a fantasy world, introducing Teja as the superhero Hanu-Man and Vinay Rai as the antihero.

The narrative, the visuals, the action, and every other aspect of the trailer were spectacular. Teja Sajja played the part exceptionally.

The trailer has increased the prospects for the movie which is getting ready for Sankranthi release on January 12th.

K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment produced the movie that starred Amritha Aiyer playing the female lead.


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