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Hanu-Man to Opt Early Premieres?

Hanu-Man to Opt Early Premieres?

"Hanu-Man" became the first film to officially announce its release date for the Sankranthi festival. However, the film has faced challenges in securing more than twelve theaters in Hyderabad.

Dil Raju, the distributor of "Guntur Kaaram," has successfully booked all theaters in Hyderabad for the first-day screening of the film. Meanwhile, "Hanu-Man" is anticipated to be shown in a few remote theaters.

Concerned supporters of the "Hanu-Man" team have suggested organizing paid premieres starting on the evening of January 11th to maximize the number of theaters for the film.

However, this approach comes with both advantages and disadvantages. As a result, the makers of "Hanu-Man" have yet to make a decision on this matter.

The issue extends beyond Hyderabad; in fact, all major centers in Andhra Pradesh are expected to allocate primary theaters to "Guntur Kaaram."

Even if "Hanu-Man" receives favorable reviews and generates positive buzz, its ability to attract audiences may be hindered by a shortage of available theaters.


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