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GV Prakash Strongly Responds to Trolls

GV Prakash Strongly Responds to Trolls

Since music composer GV Prakash Kumar publicly declared his intention to separate from his wife, he has been subjected to relentless online harassment.

Trolls berated him, emulating the actions of other Tamil celebrities such as Dhanush.

Furthermore, some trolls went to the extent of accusing him of abandoning his spouse in favor of a young heroine.

GV Prakash Kumar and his wife Saindhavi recently announced their separation on social media, marking the end of their 11-year marriage.

GV Prakash Kumar has now taken to social media to deliver a fitting response to the online trolls.

He requested them to cease posting nonsensical content regarding the joint decision made by him and his wife, Saindhavi.

He stated that it is inappropriate to make remarks about the personal lives of individuals solely based on their celebrity status.

He further asserted that people do not possess the authority to make assessments or evaluations about the lives and choices of others.


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