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Gopichand Lost Charisma to Pull the Audiences

Gopichand Lost Charisma to Pull the Audiences

With the disastrous opening of “Chanakya,” distributors and exhibitors have concluded that Gopichand has lost the power to pull crowds to the ticket windows.

He is not even bringing in decent openings to his movies. The film has collected paltry Rs 1.40 crore in two days from the Telugu states. Sold for Rs 13 crore, it is staring at huge losses. 

After the release of “Jil,” Gopichand delivered three duds - Soukhyam, Oxygen, and Pantham. Even “Jil” was failure at the box office. Later, Sampath Nandi directed “Goutham Nada” with him and it just broke-even. 

Another film “Aradugula Bullet” got shelved. In the last four or five years, Gopichand has not delivered a blockbuster.

While “Pantham” at least brought some opening collections, “Chanakya” didn’t even post respectable figures in the first weekend proving that Gopichand can no longer guarantee an opening to his movies.

Though he has already signed two films, the producers of these movies are worrying about the opening numbers that “Chanakya” received.

It is said the producers have already decided to cut down the budgets.

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