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Garikipati And Naga Babu Should Learn From Chiru

Garikipati And Naga Babu Should Learn From Chiru

In the recent Alai-Balai event, Chiranjeevi and Garikipati Narasimha Rao shared the same dais.

While addressing the public, Chiranjeevi specially took the name of Garikipati Narasimha Rao who sat in a corner and spoke to him on the dais, "Sir! I have been watching your discourses. I respect you a lot. I am happy to share the dais with you like this. I resonate with your thought process. I am also a devotee and rational like you. I am not into superstitions. If given a chance, I would invite you to my home".

In the process he also shook the hand of Garikipati with a respectful bow. That is Chiranjeevi's modesty and sterling quality.

After a while, the fans thronged to take selfies with Chiranjeevi. Due to this, Garikipati who started his speech got disturbed. With this Garikipati got irritated and said that he would continue to speak only if the selfies are stopped. That was a bit rude as well.

He also addressed Chiranjeevi, "Chiranjeevi garu! meeru aa photo session aapi naa pakkaki vaste nenu maatlaadathaa (I would continue to speak only if you stop the photo session and come beside me)".

As Chiranjeevi didn't respond immediately due to the photo session, Garikipati stood up to leave the place in anger.

Responding to this a netizen wrote- "Garikipati, who gives lectures on personality development should practice patience first. He shouldn't feel like Durvasa Mahamuni and feel insulted. It is needless to say that Chiranjeevi commands more attention than Garikipati in the public. Garikipati might have waited for some time. What happened now? Garikipati himself lost his respect with his anger".

In fact, Chiranjeevi stopped the photo session and came back to sit beside Garikipati. Ironically Chiranjeevi was the only one listened to his speech like a student with utmost attention. Everyone on the dais were busy with other activities. 

Garikipati might have called the organizers off the mike and express his concern respectfully. In fact it is the responsibility of the organizers and the security personnel to control the crowds. Because the speakers on the dais also run as per their time and schedules. They cannot wait for something that is not intended. Moreover Chiranjeevi is enjoying the photo session on the other hand.

After all this Nagababu poked into this issue with an unnecessary tweet.

Nagababu tweeted, "E paati vaadikainaa Chiranjeevi gari image chooste aa paati asooya padadam paripaate". (Everybody feels jealous about Chiranjeevi's image and that is common). 

It is needless to say that the word 'paati' refers to Garikipati here.  

What all happened is just like a storm in the tea cup. Nagababu might have ignored this. His tweet has unnecessarily made the issue bigger. He should learn that he has no stature to insult Garikipati with such a tweet. By doing so, the fingers would point not only at Nagababu but also at Chiranjeevi.

The bottom line is Garikipati should learn modesty from Chiranjeevi and Nagababu should learn how to give respect to the scholars looking at the same Chiranjeevi.

The real guru in this episode is Chiranjeevi while Garikipati and Nagababu should be his students.


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