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Game Changer's Release Date Depends on Rajini

Game Changer's Release Date Depends on Rajini

Producer Dil Raju is facing difficulty in deciding the release date for Ram Charan's "Game Changer." Complicating matters further, Superstar Rajinikanth's new film is vying for the same slot as 'Game Changer.'

"Game Changer" has two potential release dates: Deepavali or Christmas 2024.

Rajinikanth's film recently confirmed its October release date. This year, Deepavali falls in October. Therefore, if Rajinikanth's film is scheduled for Deepavali, "Game Changer" should be rescheduled for either September or December.

The final decision rests with filmmaker Shankar, who has yet to complete filming "Game Changer."

"Please refrain from asking me about Game Changer updates or release dates, as it is beyond my control. Shankar is the sole decision-maker for this project, including the release date and promotional activities," stated producer Dil Raju.

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