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Gaami Gives Experience Of Watching Nolan's Film

Gaami Gives Experience Of Watching Nolan's Film

Vishwak Sen’s long-awaited film Gaami will be hitting the screens for this Maha Shivaratri on March 8th. The movie will see him playing the role of an Aghora.

Vishwak says that by the time Vidyadhar approached him for Gaami, his first movie Vellipomakey was released, and ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ wasn’t yet released. “He wrote the story on a very large canvas. I already knew that the film would take five years. If it was to be made in a year, the budget would be more than one hundred crores. We did Gorilla shoot in Varanasi and Kumbh Mela. That's how we could save the budget. Time is a big investment for this project. This movie looks fresh whenever it comes.”

The film’s trailer was released recently to superb response.

“The other day at the trailer launch event, I clearly told what is there in this movie. There are many films that become blockbusters without commercial elements. There are no commercial ingredients in the movie 'Tumbbad' either. But we got immersed in the story. Gami is a very emotional film. After connecting with the characters, the second half of the screenplay will leave you breathless. The big commercial element of this movie is emotion. It definitely offers the experience of watching a Christopher Nolan film on a global scale.”

Vishwak further clarifies that it was very challenging to shoot the movie in unfavorable conditions such as -30 degrees. “I won’t do if I have to do the movie now.”

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