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Friday Fight: Kotabommali vs Aadikeshava

Friday Fight: Kotabommali vs Aadikeshava

Over the past few weeks, only low-budget films have graced the theaters.

However, the upcoming month of December promises a lineup of star-studded films, a departure from the trend of movies featuring up-and-coming actors.

This Friday is no exception, with Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela's "Aadikeshava" and Bunny Vaas-produced "Kotabommali PS" set to compete at the box office.

"Kotabommali PS" relies on the popularity of a viral song, while Vaisshnav Tej's film hinges on Sreeleela's widespread appeal.

Despite modest advance bookings for these films, the producers are optimistic that positive word-of-mouth will drive their success.

"Kotabommali PS" benefits from a robust storyline adapted from a Malayalam film, and the viral song "Lingi Lingi Lingidi" has contributed significantly to the film's publicity.

In the case of "Aadikeshava," despite being produced by the renowned production house Sithara Entertainments, the film's protagonist, Vaisshnav Tej, doesn't enjoy widespread popularity.

The initial hype he gained from "Uppena" seems to have waned. Therefore, the presence of Sreeleela is seen as the primary attraction for the film.


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