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F3 Advance Booking Shocks Entire Industry

F3 Advance Booking Shocks Entire Industry

'F3' is the most awaited film by the family audience as per a wide spread opinion.

The promotion activities are in full swing and the film has everything that the audience want to see in a commercial entertainer.

The comedy, romance and glamor elements are in full dose and the track record of F2 is also good which has the potential to pull more footfalls for its sequel. 

But shockingly, the advance bookings in almost all the theaters across the two states are not satisfactory.

Even the main theatres that generally pull more crowds to the first day morning show are also looking vacant with more than 50% vacancies. This is definitely not a healthy sign for the films of this size. 

On the other hand Dil Raju released a promotion video featuring himself, stating that the ticket prices are not increased for this film but selling at the government fixed prices. 

The point to be underlined here is that the government has already increased the ticket prices phenomenally which is not gelling well with the middle class family audience. 

On the other hand there is a wide spread belief that if any film fails at the box office it will come onto the OTT or TV within 20 days, like that of Acharya. If it becomes a hit, then the audience may have to wait for 40 days.

When the new films irrespective of big or small are reaching the homes with a mere wait of a few weeks, the audience have lost interest to go all the way to theaters and burn their pockets. 

It is to be underlined that the family audience have got distanced from the movie theaters. It's only the young audience who are the patrons of the films at theaters.

May be, the films have to be targeted only for them.


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