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Everything Set To Spread Negativity On 'Radhe Shyam'

Everything Set To Spread Negativity On 'Radhe Shyam'

Social media wars are common among the fans of different heroes. Films are getting glued with political color these days and that is becoming unavoidable. 

It was openly discussed that the YCP government troubled Bheemla Nayak as that was the film by another party leader. Keeping the veracity at bay, such conspiracy theories hold a lot of conviction.

Now the social media war is all set to go against Radhe Shyam. Well, we may wonder what is so political with Prabhas.

Here, the YCP government cleared the line for Radhe Shyam by releasing the new GO on revised ticket prices.

As Bheemla Nayak was troubled without releasing the GO earlier, the Pawan Kalyan fans are now considering Radhe Shyam as a film close to the heart of YCP government. So, a bitterness was started on this film from a set of Pawan fans.

As per the inside sources, they are preparing with some memes and trolls on the film. 

Memes and trolls sometimes bring extra publicity for the film when it gets an above average talk. Many feel that even the negative publicity may work positively for Radhe Shyam.


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