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Drink-Time Talk About Ravi Teja In A Movie Office

Drink-Time Talk About Ravi Teja In A Movie Office

Let us look at the last 10 films of Ravi Teja. Barring "Waltair Veerayya," where he is not the main lead, except for two films, "Dhamaka" and "Krack," all the remaining 7 films "Amar Akbar Anthony", "Disco Raja", "Khiladi", "Ramarao On Duty", "Ravanasura", "Tiger Nageshwara Rao" and "Eagle" were disasters. 

In a private talk having drinks in a film office, there was a discussion about this Ravi Teja's recent track record.

The topic was on why Ravi Teja is busy in minting money by doing a film after a film without bothering about the quality and ending up with disasters. 

To this a writer in the discussion said, "Why should he bother about his career at this age? If he keeps pondering on the scripts and wastes valuable time, he would end up becoming old, doing only a few films. Since he is a proven actor with many hits in his career, he is just moving on, doing films one after the other as per the adage 'make hay while the sun shines'."

Contradicting this, a director replied, "Who said he is not bothering about the scripts? He rejects many citing issues in the content. Two years ago, he listened to a story and asked the director to rework certain parts, but the director moved on with other actors due to creative differences. Even though the remuneration is fine, Ravi Teja never jumps into acting without getting convinced by the script."

Seconding his insight, another director at the same table said, "Ravi Teja might have left at least 5-6 films in the last 2-3 years citing content issues despite prompt advance payment by the producer."

When asked how sad it is to see the distributors and producers working with Ravi Teja are losing their money with too many flops, one of the directors said, "Producers are risk-takers, and distributors are gamblers. They know what they are making and buying and also know the risks involved. Others needn't show sympathy for them."

Though there were clash of opinions initially, finally all three film personalities unanimously agreed upon a point that Ravi Teja lost judgment of his scripts and clueless about which works and which wouldn't.

Another concluding point that has come in this discussion is that this hero has either super hits or disasters but no average fare.

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