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Director Supports Chiranjeevi Publicly

Director Supports Chiranjeevi Publicly

Following the release of the film "Bro," the discussion around the remuneration of Tollywood heroes has gained significant attention.

Leaders from the YCP party are urging transparency in revealing Pawan Kalyan's remuneration. Concurrently, stories about the compensation of other actors are also circulating.

Chiranjeevi's recent statements on this issue have contributed to a political stir. Chiranjeevi remarked why politicians are behind his remuneration when the state has many issues to look into. 

In response to this, director Ram Gopal Varma has offered his perspective. Varma supported Chiranjeevi on remuneration. He contends that there's no issue in heroes commanding substantial compensation.

"There's nothing inherently wrong with heroes receiving sizable remuneration. The blame should be attributed to the ones offering the payment, rather than those accepting it. For example, I will accept whatever remuneration is extended to me. It's up to the producer to determine the amount they're willing to provide. The same principle applies to heroes", RGV said. 

RGV dismisses the notion that the burden of exorbitant hero salaries ultimately impacts the public. He argues that heroes' earnings are determined by the basic principles of supply and demand.

"The argument that the public bears the brunt of heroes' remuneration isn't accurate. Hero remuneration is established based on their market value. Additionally, ticket prices aren't universally elevated merely due to substantial remuneration. Price adjustments depend on the film's market demand", RGV continued. 

RGV contends that when a film attains a high level of popularity, ticket price increases can be profitable. However, he asserts that raising ticket prices for a less popular film yields no benefit.


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