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Dil Raju: Sankranthi Fights Will Continue

Dil Raju: Sankranthi Fights Will Continue

We have observed the s dispute between the makers of "Hanu Man" and the producer-distributor Dil Raju.

The film "Hanu Man" was initially restricted in theaters in the Telangana region for the first five days, as Dil Raju allocated all the primary screens to "Guntur Kaaram".

In addition, movies such as "Eagle" were required to withdraw from the Sankranthi competition.

However, "Hanu Man" ultimately prevailed despite facing numerous challenges. The film is currently en route to amass a total of Rs 300 crore globally.

Following the massive success of the film "Hanu Man," have the distributors and producers of major movies acknowledged their error? Can we expect a smooth process for the releasing of Sankranthi movies next year?

"No," asserts Dil Raju, affirming that the fights will persist.

"Sankranthi is a highly anticipated festival period that captures the attention of every filmmaker. During this period, it is expected that there would be competition for movie release slots. Media should acknowledge that the Sankranthi conflicts will persist in the future," he remarked.

Dil Raju further stated that as a result of this competition, the media provides increased exposure, resulting in free promotion for these films and generating hype.


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