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Dhanush Remains Silent Despite Suchitra's Comments

Dhanush Remains Silent Despite Suchitra's Comments

Dhanush's fans are outraged that singer Suchitra tarnished the actor's reputation in a recent interview.

The singer questioned why Dhanush used to host late-night parties with a group of men. She specifically claimed that Dhanush had numerous sexual escapades outside of marriage.

She also revealed that Dhanush likes to party with gay people, including her ex-husband Karthik.

Her interview depicted Dhanush in a completely negative manner, and her views were covered by all media channels. In Tamil Nadu, leading news networks ran anti-Dhanush shows.

As a result, Dhanush's fans have slammed the Tamil media outlets. They have been trending hashtags targeting media organizations, claiming that these media organizations conspire to malign Dhanush every time his film is about to be released.

Dhanush's upcoming film "Raayan" is set to be released on June 13th. However, Dhanush has remained silent and has not responded to this controversy.


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