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Connect Trailer: Spine Chilling Horror

Connect Trailer: Spine Chilling Horror

The theatrical trailer for Nayanthara's Connect has been unveiled by Prabhas. It is clear that this film is a spine chilling horror thriller. 

The trailer starts with the note "24 hours before national lockdown" and there are some family-related happy visuals.

But then comes the horror party as Nayan's daughter gets possessed by a ghost. Incidentally, many other people also keep hearing a noise from unseen sources. What is the connection between them?

Then there's exorcism part featuring Anupam Kher. The visuals are dark and shady. The sounding in the trailer also sounds spooky. 

By the looks of it, Connect is a spine chilling thriller from Nayanthara and Ashwin Saravanan who previously delivered another winning horror film, Mayuri.

Another interesting thing is that this films doesn't have an interval. It is a 99-minute journey of pure horror.

Connect is up for release on the 22nd of December. The film is presented by UV Creations in Telugu. It is set for a wide release here.


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