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Chat GPT's Threat To Singers And Music Directors

Chat GPT's Threat To Singers And Music Directors

Singers are music directors who spend creative abilities, time and energies to create a song at a price is now going for a toss. Chat GPT's new version has abilities to sing and compose the given text. 

Chat GPT's latest offering, GPT-4o, marks a significant leap forward in AI technology, enhancing the capabilities of its popular ChatGPT. 

One of its standout features is its musical talents. GPT-4o can not only sing but also harmonize tunes, showcasing its creative abilities. It all happens at a simple prompt. 

"At present it is coming up in English and Spanish but the process of making it all pervasive including all Indian languages is on its way. Very soon the film makers can simply rely on Chat GPT for their musical needs all at a simple prompt", says an AI expert. 

Additionally, Chat GPT-4o demonstrates proficiency in real-time translation and visual identification, making it a versatile tool for diverse tasks. 

GPT-4o is poised to revolutionize AI interaction, but at the same time it is giving a lethal threat to the careers of artistes and technicians in music industry.

Singers, music composers, programmers, live instrument players and sound engineers play the key role in transforming the lyrics into a song. All these professions are at risk now. 

"It's not just about money, but the options available at any given time. A music team may provide one or two options for a song in a day, but AI could generate hundreds, giving us a wide selection to choose from. If AI-generated songs meet our needs, it's evident that we may overlook traditional music sessions with composers, as it would be both cost and time-effective," explained a film director from Mumbai.


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