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Chandrababu Is Compared To Snake And Crocodile

Chandrababu Is Compared To Snake And Crocodile

"The most feared of all is the snake, because feelings are not visible in its eyes. The same is the case with a crocodile. After snakes and crocodiles, the eyes that don't show such feelings are of Chandrababu's." This is a dialogue from RGV's "Vyooham".

No matter how degraded RGV may be, his mark of genius is evident in this dialogue. It sounds true. Who appears as expressionless as Chandrababu? In today's politics, who can make secretive moves and sudden attacks like him?

The combined trailer of RGV's 'Vyooham' and 'Sapatham' movies has been released. It is a direct, hard-hitting trailer. It's like a direct attack without any filters. The names were also used as they are.

This is a direct commentary on Pawan, Chandrababu, their alliance, the topic of Lokesh in the middle, and the events that occurred in the last five years. And to be clear, this is RGV's imagination of how Chandrababu, Pawan, Lokesh, and Co would converse internally.

It can be called a politically charged film ahead of the elections.

In this trailer, there is no hint about where "Vyooham" would stop and from where "Sapatham" would proceed. There are no goosebumps-inducing moments in that regard, but if you watch the trailer, it seems like a hard-hitting film with several gossips and opinions converted into scenes.

How these scenes are knitted together and how engaging the screenplay would be will decide the fate of this film. These two movies will be released on the 23rd of this month and the 1st of next month.


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