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Can RGV Break The Ice With AP Govt?

Can RGV Break The Ice With AP Govt?

Director Ram Gopal Varma, popularly known as RGV in the Tollywood and Bollywood, is scheduled to meet AP Minister Perni Nani in Amaravati on January 10.

RGV himself tweeted on his twitter handle announcing that he had invitation from the Minister and would meet him to sort out the ticket price issue.

While thanking the minister for the invite, RGV expressed confidence that the exchange of views on AP ticket pricing would bring “an amicable solution.”

RGV locked horns with the AP government making hard hitting comments for reducing the ticket prices for theatres.

He opposed the government’s intervention in fixing the ticket price and justified theatres charging exorbitantly.

The AP government found that theatres are indulging in several unethical practices in the sale of tickets on one side and the number of shows on the other.

While the government gets insignificant revenue from theatres as entertainment tax, the producers, exhibitors and the heroes are getting highest revenue that runs into a few crore of rupees.

It was found that the theatres were collecting high price, against the price list given to the government for tax payment. Though four shows per day are permitted by the government, some theatres were screening additional shows in the name of benefit shows.

The ticket prices for the benefit shows too are high running into a few thousands of rupees, which entirely goes into the pockets of the owners without paying tax to the government. 

Against these facts, RGV is meeting the minister and it is to be seen if this director would be able to prevail upon the government and bring down the prices or would give any assurance on behalf of the exhibitors on tax payment.


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