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Buzz: Yash Says No To Playing Ravana

Buzz: Yash Says No To Playing Ravana

Yash, the pan-India superstar of KGF, has unfortunately turned down the role of Raavan in Nitesh Tiwari's proposed film based on the Ramayan.

According to a source close to the project, "Yash was extremely interested in the role. Portraying Raavan convincingly was more challenging for him than playing Rama. Since Ranbir Kapoor has been cast as Rama, Yash was even more eager to be a part of the film."

However, his team strongly advised against it. They believed that his fans would not be pleased to see Yash in a negative role, even if it was that of a powerful antagonist like Ravana.

In a previous interaction, Yash had mentioned, "I have to be extremely careful about my fans' sentiments. They are very emotional, and they tend to overreact when I go against their wishes."


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