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Buzz: Big Problem For Chiranjeevi's 'Godfather'

Buzz: Big Problem For Chiranjeevi's 'Godfather'

Chiranjeevi has been facing a big problem from all the sides. He is not getting the support from the camps of different heroes for various reasons. 

When his Godfather trailer was released, the maximum trolls have come from the social media accounts of TDP assuming that he is close to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

On the other hand, the fans of Pawan Kalyan are silent in Chiranjeevi's matter as he doesn't support his brother openly endorsing Janasena. They neither troll nor support.

Then comes the camp of Allu Arjun fans. They are seeing Chiranjeevi seperately these days as Bunny has been showing off his individual might alienating himself from the 'mega' tag. 

Besides, the YCP fans also don't support his films as he is the brother of Janasena chief.

So by all means, Chiranjeevi gets the support only from his ardent fans who are in their 40s and 50s in majority. They are not so active on social media when compared the younger fans of other heroes. 

Unless Godfather gets the unanimous superhit talk, it cannot surpass the impact of all these camps. Otherwise, it has to face heavy trolls. We have to see what is in store on October 5th.


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