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Bujji Vs Bhairava: Inka Thirugellede Ledu!

Bujji Vs Bhairava: Inka Thirugellede Ledu!

After introducing the brain of Bujji through a short glimpse, the makers of India’s most expensive film Kalki 2898 AD introduced the superstar Bujji.

The glimpse is nothing short of spectacular. It shows the funny and friendly bonding between Bhairava and Bujji.

While Bujji is always negative, Bhairava tries to wipe out that lack of enthusiasm. When he requests Bujji to be positive on an eventful day, she helps him achieve his mission.

“Inka Thirigellede Ledu,” says Bhairava expressing his happiness. The teaser is truly amazing with some breathtaking visuals.

The making is world-class with top-notch VFX work, exceptional stunts, and a thumping score. Keerthy Suresh’s voice adds that extra entertainment factor. All in all, the teaser to introduce Bujji adds up to the exhilaration.

There will be back-to-back updates coming up in the coming days from the movie starring Prabhas.

The film directed by Nag Ashwin on Vyjayanthi Movies is scheduled for release on June 27th.


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