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Boyapati and Balayya's Film to Begin this Summer

Boyapati and Balayya's Film to Begin this Summer

Nandamuri Balakrishna and director Boyapati Sreenu, one of the most successful combos in Telugu cinema, are collaborating again.

There were rumors that they were teaming up for the fourth time simply to make a sequel to the blockbuster "Akhanda". However, there is no clarification on that front.

Boyapati will direct Balakrishna next because he has no other options. He planned to do his next film with Allu Arjun, but the 'Pushpa' star will not be available due to prior commitments.

Boyapati has already written a script for Balakrishna, and regular shooting will begin this summer.

Balayya is currently filming his 109th film, directed by Bobby. He will have to take a break from the shooting in March to campaign for his party in the assembly elections.

So Balayya will return to work in May. Around the same time, Boyapati's film will be launched, and it will be released in 2025.


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