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Box Office: Baby Takes Over Bro!

Box Office: Baby Takes Over Bro!

After the first weekend, Pawan Kalyan's "Bro" is struggling to gather audiences. On Monday, the film completely tanked at the box office. The Tuesday box office figures show that it is a huge disaster.

"Bro" was slammed not only by reviewers but also by audiences. Even Pawan Kalyan’s fans have stopped patronizing it.

A small-budget film called "Baby" is now grossing more money than Pawan Kalyan’s “Bro”.

On Tuesday, the collections for "Baby" are higher than those for "Bro" at RTC X Roads in Hyderabad. This demonstrates that the film was also rejected by Pawan Kalyan's fans.

It is a sort of humiliation for Pawan Kalyan as a small-film collecting better than his movie.

Even the political controversy surrounding the film isn't helping. 


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