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BNVG Trailer: Tries Too Hard To Be Funny!

BNVG Trailer: Tries Too Hard To Be Funny!

Bhagyanagara Veedhullo Gammattu is an upcoming comedy film directed and produced by comedy actor Srinivas Reddy. He has also played the lead role in it.

Trailer of this film is a compilation of some comedic situations and dialogues from the film. It is edited so bad that none of the jokes and so-called spoofs land.

Most of the scenes in the trailer seems to be inspired from the 'memes' on social media.

The trailer doesn't have anything that can grab the attention of ticket paying public. A better edit is needed with jokes that can put a smile on the face of viewers.

The star cast looks good though as most of the actors are known for good comedy timing. BNVG is arriving to theaters on December 6th. 

Let's see whether Srinivas Reddy who failed on multiple occasions playing the lead role pulls this off in his own direction. 


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