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Biggest Challenge Ahead For Salaar

Biggest Challenge Ahead For Salaar

"Salaar" holds the promise that Prabhas fans have eagerly anticipated, with expectations of success on par with RRR and the KGF franchise.

The film's viability within this range is crucial for the security of its buyers. The Andhra region, excluding Ceded areas, has been marketed at a range of 80 to 85 crores.

To break even, the gross collection must surpass 150 crores, with 100 crores required to cover commissions for buyers on the 85 crores investment, encompassing all subsequent expenses and theater rentals.

"Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo" collected 20 Cr from Uttarandhra and 42 Cr from Nizam. To match this colossal success, "Salaar" needs to amass over 70 crores in Nizam and more than 20 crores in Uttarandhra, reaching the standards set by RRR. Without such a resounding success, buyers may struggle to recover their investments.

However, if "Salaar" does become a massive hit, another challenge arises. It aligns with the timing constraints faced by Sankranti releases, requiring a four-week run to meet targets.

While this prolonged screening benefits the film, it may adversely impact other Sankranti movies. "Salaar" emerges as a formidable contender during the festive season, potentially overshadowing and affecting the performance of other Sankranti releases.

Since "RRR," no film has reached this range, and "Salaar" must now strive to achieve this milestone. If successful, it will be a cause for celebration for exhibitors.


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