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Bigg Boss: Shiva Jyothi Pulls Everyone Into Nominations

Bigg Boss: Shiva Jyothi Pulls Everyone Into Nominations

Nominations according to rankings was one of the popular tasks in Bigg Boss season 2.

The task is repeated this year and it turned out to be even troublesome and as a result everyone in the house got nominated.

Varun Sandesh who is aware that his wife Vithika would get evicted if she is into nominations has swapped his third rank with her and Shiva Jyothi objected to it.

Shiva Jyothi also stood at the third rank spot and refused to budge. A heated argument happened between Varun and Shiva Jyothi in which the former lost some brownie points.

Varun has surely dented his 'Mr. Cool' image after his argument with Jyothi. His body language during the argument was objectionable, which could affect his chances in the finale.

Sreemukhi has once again failed to realize the difference between convincing and demanding which led to an argument with Rahul Sipligunj.

She couldn't make him agree that she has been a better performer with smooth talk. She simply tried to write him off as a weak player and Rahul gave it back to her in his typical style.

All the remaining seven members getting nominated means Vithika is in danger of getting evicted this week until there is an unexpected turnaround of things.

Double elimination might put Ali Reza also in danger.

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