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Bigg Boss 4: Another Surprise Elimination!

Bigg Boss 4: Another Surprise Elimination!

Eviction of contestants like Devi Nagavalli and Kumar Sai not only raised eyebrows but also raised doubts over the transparency of Bigg Boss voting system.

This week’s eviction also is a bit of a surprise as Divi makes exit from the house. Many thought it would be either Monal or Noel to go out, but surprisingly Divi has been shown the door.

Upcoming actress Divi grabbed eyeballs with her beauty and frankness in the initial stages of Bigg Boss. However, she failed to make her presence felt in the tasks and lost her way due to the influence of Amma Rajasekhar.

Bigg Boss management also didn’t give opportunities for her to make a strong impression on the viewers.

While Monal Gajjar is adding spice to the show and other female contestants like Ariana and Harika giving it their best to get noticed, Divi got carried away by considering herself as a strong contender.

Divi will be making her exit from the show in the first episode hosted by Samantha who stepped in as a temporary replacement for Nagarjuna.

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