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Big Hero's Shocking Comment On KGF2

Big Hero's Shocking Comment On KGF2

KGF2 is shaking the national box office at present and setting new records at the box office. 

Amidst this, actor Sanjay Dutt who played a key character in the film said, "I think everybody should see KGF2 about 4-5 times because you will not understand the film in the first go," 

The actor said this as a reply to a fan. 

Interestingly this statement is double edged. It can be interpreted in any way. In a positive way, he is inviting audiences to watch the film again to get the right feel, thus increasing the repeat views.  In a negative way, this can be understood as the film that is minting money in spite of being made without sense. 

As Sanjay Dutt is part of the film, it is needless to say that he means only the positive side of his statement.

Meanwhile, KGF 2 has been creating new records at the box office. The film’s global collection crossed Rs. 550 crore in just 5 days.


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