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Big Fight Between Hero And His Manager

Big Fight Between Hero And His Manager

There is no lasting friendship or enmity anywhere, be it in politics or movies. Everything depends on situation.

This has been proven once again in the case of hero Sai Dharam Tej and his manager Satish, who are close friends. They don't have a typical manager-hero relationship at all. 

Recently both of them expressed their thoughts aloud, screamed, and argued. All of this seems to have taken place in a caravan.

All of this occurred on the set of their 'Bro' project. Why and what led to this, nobody knows, but today there was a mess at the shooting spot. There were loud screams and this breakup.

Satish, a software engineer and a mega fan, is very close to Sai Dharam Tej. In fact, he quit his job to work exclusively with him.

Satish is confident and devoted, especially since Tej's accident, and he has been by his side constantly. He has been meticulous in planning and promoting Tej's films. The distribution rights for Virupaksha in the Vizag area were handled by him. 

Whenever Tej and Satish were seen together, they appeared more like friends than a hero-manager duo. People in the industry find it hard to believe that such a fight took place between them.


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