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'Bichagadu' Vijay Antony Out of Danger Now

'Bichagadu' Vijay Antony Out of Danger Now

Vijay Antony, famous for "Bichagadu," is out of danger now and his health is improving. 

Recently, he sustained a serious injury while filming "Bichagadu 2" and his condition allegedly worsened to a critical state. 

However, he has now successfully undergone surgery and is on the way to recovery.

The actor updated his Twitter with a message, thanking everyone for their support and concern.

"Dear friends, I am safely recovered from a severe jaw and nose injury during Pichaikkaran 2 shoot in Malaysia. I just completed a major surgery. I will talk to you all as soon as possible…Thank you for all your support and concern for my health," he tweeted. 

"Bichagadu" catapulted him to stardom. Hence, he is making a sequel to it.

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