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Bhimaa Vs Gaami: Shiva, Aghora, A Rating, Runtime

Bhimaa Vs Gaami: Shiva, Aghora, A Rating, Runtime

There are many similarities between the Maha Shivaratri outings- Gopichand’s Bhimaa and Vishwak Sen’s Gaami.

Both the movies which are coming on March 8th received an A certificate from censor officials, and the runtime is more or less the same.

While 2:23 hours is the duration locked for Bhimaa, the total runtime of Gaami is 2:26 hours.

There will be Lord Shiva references in both movies. Both Gopichand and Vishwak underwent complete makeovers for their respective movies.

While Gopichand appeared as a cop in one character, there is no clarity yet about the second character which was introduced in the trailer. However, the trailer showed Aghoras.

On the other hand, Vishwak Sen will be seen in the role of an Aghora in Gaami, and his transformation is remarkable.

The result of both these movies is crucial for Gopichand and Vishwak Sen who want to make a strong comeback.


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