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Bhimaa, Semi-Fantasy With Whistle-worthy Scenes

Bhimaa, Semi-Fantasy With Whistle-worthy Scenes

Gopichand is coming up with Bhimaa which will grace the cinemas for Maha Shivaratri on March 8th. The actor in an exclusive interview with us shared some insights into the movie.

Gopichand clarifies that Bhimaa is not a regular movie. “It’s been a long since I played the police. It’s a semi-fantasy movie, which I did for the first time. It’s indeed a commercial cinema with all the ingredients rightly incorporated into it. Although it’s not completely a ‘god’ movie, Bhimaa starts with Lord Shiva and ends with Lord Shiva. The story takes place in Parasurama Puram. It has an interesting screenplay.”

The actor reveals that there are a total of five action sequences which he says are different from each other.

“We shot a risky fight sequence in a forest in the night effect for 12 days. We shot an underwater sequence. The team didn’t reveal to me until the portion was over that there were a couple of snakes in it. These sequences will be good on screen, but they were tough to shoot.”

While many actors are seen riding horses in movies. But Gopichand was seen riding a bull.

“The director has designed my character quite impressively. As per the demand of the scene, I need to ride a bull and you will love it on screen. To kill monsters (Rakshasulu), the character emerges as Brahma Rakshasudu.”

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