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Bharateeyudu 2 Intro: Senapathy strikes back

Bharateeyudu 2 Intro: Senapathy strikes back

The teaser for Indian 2 reveals Kamal Haasan's much-anticipated return, sparking a trending hashtag #ComeBackIndian as fans urge him to fight against injustice.

The anticipation for Kamal Haasan's comeback as Indian in the film's second installment has been palpable.

The new promo, titled 'Indian 2 Intro,' captures the nation's eagerness for the sequel. Unveiled by the official X page of Lyca Productions, the teaser showcases Kamal Haasan in various avatars.

In the teaser, a barely recognizable Kamal Haasan makes a call from a phone booth in a distant country, disguised as a man with greying hair and a mustache.

He declares, "Wherever there is injustice, I will appear. Indian is immortal."

The teaser then features glimpses of societal disparity, where the wealthy indulge in luxury while the poor struggle with bribes and corruption.

As injustices unfold, people across the country tweet using #ComeBackIndian, considering him their savior.

The teaser also includes brief appearances by Siddharth, who wears a plate of currency notes on his chest, and actresses Rakul Preet Singh and Kajal Aggarwal.

Indian 2's production began in 2019 but came to a halt in 2020 due to a tragic accident on set, resulting in three fatalities and ten injuries.

The sequel, arriving 27 years after the first installment, promises a powerful comeback for Kamal Haasan's iconic character.

The film features music by Anirudh Ravichander and is written and directed by S Shankar, renowned for his work on the film 'I.'


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