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Bad Luck Of This Beautiful Actress

Bad Luck Of This Beautiful Actress

One should have an iota of luck to be successful in career. Ketika Sharma's beauty has captured everyone's admiration, and opportunities have come her way as well. However, luck has remained at distance.

Despite the passage of years, success never knocked her door. Not even Pawan Kalyan could alter her fate.

In an unforeseen turn of events, Ketika secured a role in the film "Bro." Amidst a throng of other alluring actresses, she earned her opportunity.

Though her scenes didn't feature Pawan, her optimism was buoyed by the association with his film. Regrettably, "Bro" failed to propel her into the realm of success.

Starting with the film "Romantic," she followed up with movies like "Lakshya," and "Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga" which achieved no success. Her recent endeavor, "Bro," also followed the same pattern, leaving her devoid of fortune.

At present, Ketika continues to receive chances, yet the need for a resounding victory is desperate to continue her career. We have to see which hero would be her gentleman-luck.

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