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Aswini Dutt Demands Rs 210 Cr From AP Govt

Aswini Dutt Demands Rs 210 Cr From AP Govt

Veteran producer Aswini Dutt has 39 acres of land nearby to Gannavaram airport and the previous AP government procured that land for the sake of expansion of the airport. In return, the government offered to give the same area of land in Amaravathi.

But things took a nosedive in terms of land value in Amaravathi after the change of the government.

The land value in Amaravathi has drastically come down whereas Aswini Dutt’s land value in Gannavaram has gone further up. The government price itself is around Rs 1.8 Cr per acre in Gannavaram as of now.

Aswini Dutt is asking for four times the government value per acre to give away his land for the expansion of the airport.

He is asking for a whopping Rs 210 Cr for his land and his demand seems logical given the difference between market value and government value.

We have to wait for the court's judgment to see whether Aswini Dutt’s demand is legally viable or not.   

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