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Aswathama Begins With Pawan's Voiceover: Shaurya

Aswathama Begins With Pawan's Voiceover: Shaurya

Hero Naga Shaurya is vigorously promoting his film Aswathama. Much before the release, he inked the film’s title on his chest, exhibiting his adulation for the film.

Aswathama will be gracing theaters this Friday and ahead of it, Shaurya interacted with the media to share his experience.

“The incident that happened to my friend’s sister moved me. Nobody believes what actually happened to her. I took permission from the family. We thought of giving solution to the problem.”

The theme looks identical to that of Rakshasudu and the story has shades of Khaki and Khaidi. Shaurya also admits the same.

“Yes, the narration will be on the lines of Rakshasudu, Khaki and Khaidi. We wanted to narrate the story as genuinely as these films.”

Naga Shaurya informs that he went to various places to meet few victims and their families for more inspiration for the story.

“There were several people who feared even to open the door when we told them the reason to meet them.”

He revealed that the film begins with Pawan Kalyan’s voiceover from Gopala Gopala movie.

“We requested Pawan Kalyan garu and Sharrat Marar garu and they gave the permission.”

About the villain, he said, “The one who played the villain is very talented. He did 98 films already and won several national awards. He’s a Bengali actor.”

Naga Shaurya also informed that his role in his next with Srinivas Avasarala will have seven variations.

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