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Ashwini Dutt Hits out at Producer's Council

Ashwini Dutt Hits out at Producer's Council

Veteran producer Ashwini Dutt strongly opposed the Telugu Film Producers' Council's decision on Sankranthi films.

The council wrote a letter to producer Dil Raju, asking him to make way for straight Telugu films instead of dubbed films like Thalapathy Vijay's 'Vaarasudu.'

The Tamil film industry has threatened to stop the release of Telugu films in Tamilnadu if the council delays the release of a Vijay film during the Sankranthi season.

Veteran producer Ashwin Dutt has now criticised the council's decision. He requested that the council withdraw its letter.

"Vaarasudu" is a film directed and produced by Telugu makers.

Instead of questioning Dil Raju, the council should have questioned Mythri Movie Makers for releasing two films at the same time.

Why can't the production company drop one of their films? He inquired.When the market for Telugu films is expanding, such decisions, he believes, are detrimental to growth.


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